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英漢翻譯中的詞序錯位現象(Different Word 0rders
   水火 fire and water
   貧富 rich and poor
   新舊 old and new
   長短 short and long
   細長 long and thin
   男嬰 baby boy
   女嬰 baby girl
   冷熱 hot and cool
   涼爽 nice and cool
   前后 back and forth
   左右 right and left
   軟硬 hard and soft
   輕重 heavy and light
   晴雨 rain or shine
   增損 loss and gain
   水陸 land and water
   飲食 food and drink
   鋼鐵 iron and steel
   死活 life and death
   手臂 arms and hands
   河流湖泊 lakes and rivers
   山水 waters and mountains
   科學技術 art and science
   中小型 small and medium
   文藝 art and literature
   衣食 food and clothing
   唯一的 one and the only
   同一的 one and the same
   血肉 flesh and blood
   此時此地 here and now
   文武 military and civilian
   三三兩兩 in twos and threes
   敵我 ourselves and the enemy
   物理化學 chemistry and physics
   工農業 agriculture and industry
   年月 month and year,time and tide
   田徑(運動) track and field (events)
   遲早 sooner or later,first and last
   水土流失 soil erosion and water loss
   新郎新娘 the bride and the bridegroom
   手疾眼快 quick of eye and deft of hand
   喜怒哀樂 anger, grief, joy and happiness
   水乳交融 as well blended as milk and water
   上下 up and down
   高低 high and low
   老幼 old and young
   父母 father and mother
   夫婦 man and wife
   黑白 black and white
  。ㄉ睿┏粮 ps and downs
   徹頭徹尾 from head to foot
   來龍去脈 from beginning to end
   來來往往 come and go, back and forth
   time and tide 歲月
   wear and tear 磨損
   near and dear 親近
   lord and master 主人
   wants and likes 喜好
   the rank and file 百姓
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