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Taco Liberty Bell—On April 1, 1996, Taco Bell Corporation took out an ad in six major newspapers to say that it was buying the Liberty Bell and renaming it the Taco Liberty Bell. Hundreds of protesters called in to the National Historic Park in Philadelphia, and were only calmed when it was admitted to be a joke.   收購獨立大鐘:1996年愚人節,Taco Bell公司在6家主流報紙上刊登廣告,聲稱要購買美國著名的“獨立大鐘”并將其改名為“Taco獨立大鐘”。大量抗議者給費城國家歷史公園打電話投訴,直到“肇事者”承認是惡作劇方才罷休。   Nixon for President—On April 1, 1992, broadcast of NPR's "Talk of the Nation" revealed that Richard Nixon was running for president again under a slogan that said, "I didn't do anything wrong, and I won't do it again." Listeners to the show were shocked and outraged, but the host later revealed it was just a joke。   尼克松又上臺了:1992年愚人節,NPR廣播臺在節目中宣布理查德-尼克松將再次競選美國總統,競選口號是:“我沒有做錯任何事,也不會再做錯任何事! 聽眾紛紛表示十分震驚萬分憤怒,不過后來主持人說這僅僅是個玩笑。   Metric Time—On April 1, 1975, Australia's "This Day Tonight" news program said that the world would be converting to metric time, with 100 seconds to the minute, 100 minutes to the hour and 20-hour days.   1分鐘100秒:1975年愚人節,澳大利亞的新聞節目向世界宣布時間度量機制將進行修改,改成1分鐘100秒,1小時100分鐘,1天20個小時。   Wisconsin State Capital Collapses—On April 1, 1933, the "Madison-Capital Times" announced that the Wisconsin state capital building had been ruined by mysterious explosions that were attributed to build-ups of gas generated through verbose debate in the Senate and Assembly chambers. Many were fooled and angered by the trick.   威斯康星州首府倒塌:1933年愚人節,曼迪迅首府時報宣布由于議會辯論太過啰嗦,生成了不明氣體,威斯康星州首府大樓發生了神秘爆炸。眾多受騙群眾表示:這玩笑也太過分了。   The Comic Strip Switcheroo—On April 1, 1997, comic strip fans opened their newspapers to find that all the characters had been shuffled around and were popping up in alternate comics. A total of 46 comic strip writers banded together for the switch, which had Scott Adams of "Dilbert" taking over the "Family Circus," and Jim Davis of "Garfield" taking over "Blondie" and making Garfield eat one of Dagwood's sandwiches。 漫畫大反串:1997年愚人節,連載漫畫讀者們照常翻開報紙的漫畫頁——然后傻了眼。他們熟悉的漫畫角色都跑到了別的漫畫里。46名漫畫作家合伙策劃了這場大反串,在反串行動里加菲貓和它的主人跑到了“Blondie”中,加菲貓還吃掉了一個“那個世界”的三明治。 選自新東方網站
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