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Confucius’s given name is Qiu, also styled Zhongni. He was born in Qu Fu, China, 551 B.C., and died in 479 B.C..




Confucius founded Confucianism-the famous philosophical school in the history of China. The kernel of his thought is Ren (benevolence), its form of expression is Li (the Rites).



Confucius travelled from one state to another preaching his doctrines until he was old. He spent his last years in compiling and editing. His works include Book of Spring and Autumn, Book of Odes, Book of History, Book of Rites, Book of Music and Book of Change. These six books regarded as the classical works of Confucianism have been handed down to the present time. He founded the first private school in Chinese history. He was the teacher of 3,000 disciples among whom 72 were Sages. His major sayings were written down in Lun Yu (The Analects), one of the Four Books.



Confucius lived in the late Spring and Autumn period (770-476 B.C.). In his last years he lived in relative poverty and no longer enjoyed great fame. But after his death, his thought continued to influence the Chinese people for over 2,500 years. His doctrine on morality and ethics has had a great effect on their ideology, strengthening the unity of the nation and making it known to the world for its courteous dealing and solemn rites.



Confucius said, “Let there be three men walking together: from that number I should be sure to find my instructor.” “To make accomplishment you must help others to be accomplished too.” “Never be satiated with you knowledge and never be tired of teaching.” … Today, these philosophical sayings are still shining brilliantly.



In the long span of the Chinese history, the descendants of the Yellow Emperor have been righteously proud of the existence of the outstanding Confucius.



The influence of the great thinker and educator has now exceeded the national boundary and spread to other parts of the world. It is our earnest hope that through more understanding of Confucius and the bridge of friendship and cultural exchange, we can make the world filled with more love, justice and peace. We wish also that we offspring of the Yellow Emperor, either in China or abroad, through better understanding of Counfucius and academic research, will be more inspired with nationalism, and find a new way of making the past serve the present, and redouble our efforts for the rejuvenation of China.

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