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Clear and Bright Festival

    The Clear and Bright Festival is celebrated every year on a day in early April. On that day, people usually go on outings, pay respects to the ancestors at their tombs, wear flowers, and plant willow twigs into the ground.
    During the Spring and Autumn period some 2,500 years ago, Chong Er, son of the Duke of the State of Jin, was forced to live in exile for some nineteen years. But later he became the Duke.
    He granted titles and fiefdoms to those who had followed him throughout his exile.
    One follower called Jie Zhitui then carried his mother on his back and hid in the     Mianshan Mountain.
    Someone reminded Chong Er of Jie Zhitui.
    Chong Er sent people to look for Jie, but they all failed because the Mianshan Mountain was too large.
    Then one man suggested, “Set the mountain on fire, and Jie Zhitui will certainly come out.” Chong Er ordered a fire to be set to the mountain.
    The fire spread all over the mountain, but Jie Zhitui still would not come out. Finally he and his mother were burned to death.
    Chong Er felt very sad. He issued an order that every family put out the kitchen fire on the Clear and Bright Festival has vanished, but the habits of planting willow twigs and paying respects to ancestors at their tombs have continued to the present day.




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