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    Valentine’s Day. The saint’s day, long beloved of lovers in the West, is now celebrated in China too. Lovers want to make this day a memorable one for their loved ones and business people swarm in to take their share from the lovers’ market.
  Giving roses is the most traditional way to express your love. After the Spring Festival, prices for most kinds of flowers decreased, but not for roses.
  For Valentine’s Day lovers will have to pay at least ten yuan, or about 1.2 US dollars for one rose, while on normal days, one and a half yuan is enough.
  Florists will reap their biggest bonanza for the year.
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  “The biggest order I have received is for a bunch of 999 black roses, priced at 35,000 yuan.”
  Florists say Valentine’s Day sales can equal four months worth of their sales ordinary days.
  However, it seems that the special day is no longer just the florists, hotels, cinemas or restaurants day to make money.
  Popular Bookmall, one of China’s book store chains is promoting a special play for the lovers amongst their readers. Produced by the Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center, the play, called The Lover, has been adapted from a book popular on the internet.
  Shen Kai, the general manager of Popular Bookmall, says his book store is looking to find new ways to promote the appreciation of literature. Transforming a book into a play and then presenting it on Valentine’s Day is their first experiment and it has been well received so far.
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  “We have got very good feedback. Many people are very interested in the play after they have read the book. Now most tickets have been sold out.”
  Automakers also will not rest on the Lover’s day. The Anhui-based Chery Automobile is set to promote its new car, Chery A520 nationwide on the day.
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  “In Chinese net language, 520 sounds similar to “I love you”. So we would like to take advantage of the lover’s day to promote our new car by staging a small-scale car show. We will provide free wedding cars for newly-weds.”
  Since the western festival was introduced into China, the lovers market has gradually taken shape.
  Zhang Jun, an economist with Shanghai’s Fudan University, says this market will stimulate the development of the service industry as a whole.
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  “The direct influence of the lovers’ market in Shanghai is to promote the city’s service industry. And it will lead the service industry to focus more on young consumers.”
  Professor Zhang says the most dynamic part of the economy of a metropolis is related to its young consumers.
  However, this scholar also warns service suppliers that in the face of a growing new demand in the market, it is crucial to provide a satisfactory service, or not only they will lose market share themselves, but the entire market will also be damaged.

  3. Swarm:名詞“大群”,動詞“云集,密集,擠滿”。
  a swarm of,表示“一群,一堆”
  比如:a swarm of people,一群人。
  比如常見的:濃茶strong tea,濃墨dark ink,濃煙dense smoke,濃湯thick soup,濃霧thick mist; 青山green hill,青天blue sky; 血肉之軀flesh and blood(不說blood and flesh)等等。
  比如:三三兩兩in twos and threes
  亂七八糟at sixes and sevens
  一箭雙雕to throw a stone to kill two birds
  一箭之遙 a stone's throw。等等。
  swarm in/ into,蜂擁而入
  比如新聞中的“business people swarm into take their share from the lovers’ market”,意思就是商人蜂擁而至,搶占情人節市場份額。
  swarm with,充滿著, 擁擠著什么東西
  比如:The beach is swarming with bathers.海灘滿是海水浴的人。
  4. take shape:意思是“什么東西成形,具體化,有顯著的發展”
  shape常見的習語用法還有很多,比如比如生活中人們常說的“shape up”:改進,表現良好。
  例如:Either shape up or ship out. 如果不好好干就請你走人。
  •Valentine’s Day:情人節。
  •a swarm of:一群,一堆。
  •swarm in/ into,蜂擁而入
  •swarm with,充滿著, 擁擠著什么東西
  •take shape:什么東西成形,具體化,有顯著的發展
  •shape up:改進,表現良好。


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