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     After a storm comes a calm——雨過天晴
     劇變騷亂之后,總會歸于平靜。此語緣于1200年,在美國首見于《拉迪松航行記》一書,此書敘述的是法國探險家拉迪松的航行故事。該諺語的其它常用形式還有the calm before the storm. The storm before the calm
  E.g. In fact I’m actually starting to view the age of thirty-nine as the storm before the calm. As I hear tell , many woman reach a state of grace at forty.--------Ladies’ Home Journal
Threatened man live long
  E.g. Their enemies have been vowing to stop their supplies, yet threatened man live long. They seem to be growing steadily all the same.
There’s no such thing as free lunch.
  E.g. John is fond of taking petty advantages. Once, he walked into a restaurant that had a sign reading: free food on our third anniversary. He ordered his food and found it enjoyable untilled was given a bill—the food was, indeed, free, but the drinks he ordered cost him twice as much as the food itself. There’s no such thing as free food.
From clogs to clogs is only three generations.
  亦作:From shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations.
  E.g. The father buys, the son buildings, The grandchild sells and his son begs. So goes an English saying. The curse of God rest on idleness and that’s why “from clog to clog is only three generations”
New brooms sweep clean.
  E.g. When Tom became the general manager, everybody in office placed great hopes on him. New broom sweep clean. They felt .he seemed quite energetic during the frist few months, but his enthusiasm soon petered out and everything was back to normal.



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