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Colorful Childhood In Books
Yuting Ye  Class 16, Junior Grade Two

    My childhood was a world full of books.
    Though it seems quite dull that I was not accompanied by various attractive toys or jolly playmates in my childhood, I find it extrordinarily interesting.
    The first reading material I got were several picture-story books that my mother bought from street stall, including “Kuafu Chasing the Sun” (a legend telling about a braggadocio who conceived the vain ambition of overtaking the fleeting rays of the Sun” and “Stories of Idioms” etc. These stories are simplistic but fascinated me so much that I often forgot the time, space and everthing.
    Later, for my love to books, Mother started to give me some novels. First were books with pictures and word, then were the juvenile editions, and in the end, unabridged classics.
    I can remember clearly that once I couldn’t get the book “SCARLETT” until I had tried biweek’s efforts to borrow it. Of course, I couldn’t wait to read it. Everyday, it was the time for me to read it in the light of the desk lamp once after I finished my homework as quickly as possible.
    “Tang, tang, tang”, the clock struck 9 and I was still reading. No matter how I begged, Father would force me to bed. How can I give up reading the novel when I was just attracted by it? Lying on the bed and holding my breath, I quietly approached to the door so as to lend an attentive ear to my parents’ footsteps. After footsteps died down in the quietness of the night and the light was also turned off as I expected eagerly, I jumped up like a fish and turned on the light to continue reading with great eagerness. Just as I was in the plot, a big hand pulled away the book from me. “Ah!” Father had already stood in front of me, and I was trembled all over. “Hei, Hei”, Father laughed and said: “You are too entranced to notice my coming. No reading now, leave it till tomorrow. Have a nice sleep!”. With this, Father threw the book to the bed, closed the door and left. Hei! Before Father went far away, I turned on the light again and started reading as if a drug addict found opium. But I was caught by Father on the spot again just about two minutes later. This time he is more clever to take the book away.
    However, I didn’t want to give up. A dozen minutes later, I secretly went out of my room and felt about in the sitting room from tea table to dining table, from bookcase to gradevin, just left the garbage can away. As an old saying goes, Providence doesn't let down a man who does his best, I found that book on a small chair when I felt hopeless. Just as I cried “hurrah”, my ear was seized by Father who came out from the toilet. As Father was to scold me the clock struck five. “Dear me!” It was already five in the early morning! Father shruged his shoulders and said: “Just read it as you like, but do not blame it on me if you yawn in class.”
    “Yeah!” I cried out as jumping with joy.
    Alas! My love to books! In the eyes of other people, my childhood may be very dull but it was pretty colorful to me, for I had toured in a books’ world with magnificent colors.

Tutor: Shao Changying



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